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Library Policy

Library Policies

 The following policies govern how we use our library.

 Overdue Materials

Failure to return in undamaged condition most books or library materials belonging to or originally borrowed from the custody of the library shall incur a fine of $.10 per item per business day, to accumulate until the material is returned.

The fine for Videos, DVDs, Games, Audio Books, Playaways, and CDs is $1.00 per item per day.

 Lost Materials

When library materials are reported as lost by the patron, the replacement cost of the item is charged to the patron’s account.

 Damaged Materials   

Items that are returned in damaged condition, but still usable will be assessed a damage fee.  If items are returned in damaged condition such that they are no longer deemed usable within the library collection, the patron will be charged the replacement cost of the material.  If the damage is determined to be willful (i.e., without good cause), the Director of the Library may report such violation to the State’s Attorney for prosecution pursuant to the applicable terms of the Illinois Criminal Code and shall exclude such person from further use of the library or any privileges attendant thereto until full restitution to the library has been made.

 Replacement Cost 

The term “replacement cost” is the price the library must pay to obtain another copy of the item, along with a fee for processing costs normally incurred in readying materials for circulation.  If the particular title is no longer available, the cost is a figure based on the average price of such an item, as listed in creditable library sources such as Bowker’s Annual, so that the library may obtain another title of a similar nature.

Refund Policy

As to lost materials, the Library utilizes a refund policy on the following terms: books, paperbacks, audiobooks, CDs, DVDs and videotapes may be returned within six (6) months for a refund of the replacement cost paid minus the accumulated fines subject to the rules relating to damaged materials and fines for overdue material.

Internet Policy (revised July, 2006)

The Mascoutah Public Library invites everyone with a valid library card who visits our library to use the Internet computers free of charge, for a MAXIMUM OF 60 MINUTES PER DAY. Your use of Library computers implies your consent to follow these Internet Use Guidelines and established computer policies…

 Violation of any aspect of this policy will result in permanent loss of Internet privileges.

  • If computers are all in use,  sign up at the Service Desk for the next available station.
  •  You must have a library card and a pin number to use the internet.  
  •  Visitors, please see the staff for guest service.  
  •  You may not use anyone else’s card number to access the Internet.  
  • Each user is allowed up to 60 minutes of Internet access per day.   No more than 2 persons allowed at a computer. 
  • If you sit at a computer during someone else’s 60 minutes, that time is counted toward each partner’s 60 minute allotment. 
  • Regardless of start time, all computers will shut down automatically 15 minutes before closing time. 
  • Children under 10 may not use library computers and equipment unless accompanied by a responsible person, 16 or older. 
  • You must follow standards of common sense, courtesy, restraint and decency. 
  • You may not access any inappropriate sites. 
  • You may not use the library’s internet connection for any purpose which violates the law. 
  • Printing fees must be paid into your account ahead of time. Printing costs 25 cents per page, even if you are unsatisfied with the pages.  Pick up your own printing from the laser printer located at the library’s Service Desk.     


The Mascoutah Public Library does not monitor and has no control over the information accessed through the Internet and cannot be held responsible for its content.  As with other library materials, restriction of a child’s access to the Internet is the responsibility of the parent/legal guardian.  Parents are encouraged to discuss with their children issues of appropriate use and electronic information network safety.  Library staff are unable to monitor children’s use.

 The Internet and its available resources contain a wide variety of material and opinions from varied points of view.  Since the Internet is not monitored by any entity, users need to be wary information consumers, questioning the validity of any data selected.  Not all sources provide accurate, complete, or current information.  The Library expressly disclaims any liability or responsibility arising from access to or use of information obtained through its electronic information systems, or any consequences thereof.  Users may encounter material that could be considered inappropriate.


Activities such as the following are unacceptable and will result in permanent loss of privileges:

  • Accessing the Internet through use of another person’s library card number with or without their permission
  • Accessing any sites unacceptable in the public setting
  • Failing to yield the computer to the next patron when time is up
  • Violating copyright and/or software and licensing agreements established by the library
  • Altering system hardware or software configurations 
  • Using the library’s internet connection for any purposes which violate U.S. or state laws
  • Transmitting threatening, obscene, or harassing materials
  • Misrepresenting one’s identity in electronic communication
  • Accessing someone else’s account, private files, or e-mail
  • Harassing other users or causing harm to other computers
  • Illegal acts involving the library’s Internet connection are subject to prosecution by local, state, or federal authorities

Breach of Policy

Violation of any aspect of this policy will result in permanent loss of Internet privileges. After 1 year, you may appeal your loss of privilege in writing to the Director, who will place the item on the agenda for the next regular Board meeting.  Reinstatement of privileges is at the discretion of the Board.